AIIOE has distinguished itself by developing the scientific principles that underlie business management. It has quickly grown into one of the world's Prime centers for teaching and research in business management. AIIOE is one of the most technologically elite institution in the world, the dedication to cutting edge learning and application underlies everything that we do with an approach to business management that allows our students to make a significant impact through analytical decision making. We are also consistently among the leaders in a wide range of specialization, such as Finance, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management and information Technology.

As a border less we believe in the strength of analytical decision making for advancing within a global marketplace. This conviction is not without impressive backing, we are one of the few top- tier business schools best positioned to leverage our size, collaborative culture and worldwide reputation for breakthrough research and course work.

As a working student, you witness firsthand how the global business environment is evolving at unprecedented levels of speed and complexity. Today's graduates will require the skill and confidence necessary for success. It's not about competing... It's about making a difference.

Our Mission

Is a committed to improving the leadership and problems-solving capabilities of individuals so as to enhance their value to organizations and society at large. The Institute strives for excellence in the creation and dissemination of knowledge that is grounded in scientific principles and directed towards improving the practice and profession of management.

The Institute achieves its mission through the creation and implementation of both general management programs and specialized, interdisciplinary educational programs, and also through conducting, publishing transferring to society research that is of value and importance.

Our Tradition

The endeavors to be the world leader and path-breaker in management educational and research known internationally for:

Graduates who are capable of being high-impact innovative, interdisciplinary, and continuing to learn, and who can harness information and technology to produce sustainable economic growth.

Education and Research Programs that are innovative, interdisciplinary, information-technology intensive and international in scope and that seamlessly build upon the core competencies of the Business school and, thereby maximizing impact and value.

A learning environment that capitalizes on the advantage of diversity of community, the open exchange of ideas, and where discovery, innovation and creativity flourish.

Values that build upon high expectations of ethical behavior, respect for the individual, responsibility to society, dedication to work, and commitment to quality and continuous improvement.


Candidates are advised to study the AIIOE WEB carefully, before applying for admission. This is only for information and does not constitute a legal document .Where the rules are silent in the prospectus, the rules contained in the general hand book of information of institute applicable. Not withstanding the information provided in this prospectus, the Management/Principle will have the right to delete, change or make addition in any of the provisions contained in it. In case of ambiguities, decision of the management will be final.

AIIOE is self financed institute, and only provide information about admissions.