distance management education offering short during programs which shall enable the students to acquire world class management qualification that would enhance careers of students in the management sector. The unique education methodology and the compact, integrated short term correspondence courses shall be of great advantage to all those who look forward to achieve early success in their life. Our courses are of great benefit to our students.

In today's rapidly changing scenario why waste your precious time in doing 2/3 years management Courses when the same course can be pursued in few months through our SPECIALLY DESIGNED SHORT TERM PROGRAMS. The VIM Management programs are more flexible, more innovative and much less expensive than the traditional, old pattern and long-term programs of other institutions.

These old pattern institutes would not change to keep pace with the new millennium and would keep their students hanging around for years in order to earn huge amount of money. The students must realize that in this age of internet, following an old pattern of management Education is not going to yield more than what could be had through fast distance learning management programs than only the old and traditional institutions will also be forced to adopt short term management courses such as what we offer right now.

Still in the 21st century if you think wasting 2/3 years in a traditional college is your fate than we can't help you. But if you belong to the group of trendsetters, path breakers, have high flying ambitions and for you sky is not the limit then these courses are just for you.

Our students have been recruited by top multinational companies - a record which not many management colleges can boast of. They have risen to the senior managerial positions at a very young age. We welcome all students who possess positive thinking about their own careers to earn our prestigious qualifications and lead a happy and prosperous life.


For Open and Distance Education is committed to educate capable men and women to help them develop a high level of professional knowledge. The distance learning Management programs will enable you to develop the knowledge, insight and skills which you need to make you an effective manager.

Customized for Career Opportunities

The VIM program is rigorous and has the objective of preparing candidates for challenging careers. It will equip the candidates with a diverse range of skills and knowledge. The exposure will ensure that candidates are trained to the requirements of potential employers.

Integrated Learning Approach

The education methodology is specially designed to achieve the twin objective of providing students with deep conceptual insight as well as an understanding of the practical problems.

Value For Time and Money

The VIM's management programs offer candidates value for time and money. Pursing a 2/3 years Management Program will be very expensive. The flexible approach of the short duration Management programs provides immediate benefits to be appreciated soon.

Specific Advantage for Functional Experts:
1)  Charted/Cost Accountants

The entire gamut of financial services is being transformed by liberalization and globalization. The CCA/ CFM programs with its unique coverage will prove invaluable to finance professionals.

2)  Computer Professionals

The management program with its advantage of providing a solid grasp of all the functional areas of business in Indian and a global perspectives offers these professionals an opportunity to acquire managerial skills. Besides, a reputed management qualification will equip the computer professionals in becoming project leaders and senior consultants.

3)  Marketing Professionals

The management programs arm them with the skills to succeed in this changing and ever dynamic globalized environment. Besides, a general management perspective along with a management qualification will certainly help them in reaching the levels of senior management which most marketing professionals aspire for.